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The Rainforest Group is an experienced professional resource for developing and executing leadership processes that can transform economic and organizational viability, build civic infrastructure and economic ecosystems, and move your community or organization to entrepreneurial success. In addition, we offer a menu of services and training programs to support personal and team leadership advancement and impact.

Training and presentations are available for tailored events and programs in half-day, full-day and multi- day formats. Among our menu of subjects include:

  • Change Your Default Settings
  • The Small Stuff Really Does Matter
  • Leading for Impact
  • Build Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • Dream Big One Step at A Time
  • Why Settle For Less
  • There Are No Detours
  • The Art of Connecting Dots
  • Goals Are Only a Vapor 
  • What’s On Your Bucket List?
  • A Horizon of Possibilities
  • Curiosity Is Key To Impact

►Training can be developed and tailored to your theme, specifications and needs.

“A new civic infrastructure, impact investing, and civic engagement will drive change.  But ultimately, leaders must have the motivation to build resilient structures, practices. Processes and solutions to sustain economic growth viability.” -William Penn Foundation